To All OCR Parents,  UPDATED JUNE 9th @ 11:00am

At this time here is where we are.  Please understand things can change and we may rethink this based on what’s going on day by day….

1. Effictive March 8th - thru JUNE 2020  OCR will no longer continue with any planned tournaments, skills academies & practices.  Schools are still closed however we WE HOPE TO BE BACK IN JULY, we will let you know if its sooner!


  1. 2.During this time OCR will be posting daily “Workout Challenge Videos” on our Facebook Page

OC Rhythm Youth Basketball Academy  and Instagram account @Rhythm_Basketball  This should help keep the atheletes busy and sharp.  The challenges for the most part are things they can do at home.  Monday’s Challenge is posted its a shooting challenge that will require a court and preferbally a rebounder (rebounder should stay at least 6 feet away from the athelete and wear gloves!)

OC Rhythm High School Club Season -

As of now there will be no NCAA certified events thru July 2020. As it stands we are re-evaluating everything.  Going forward with regards to tournaments, practices etc. we will go with the flow so to speak.  Once we have a clear path (hopefully by July) we will let everyone know what the plan is.

This is ongoing and OCR may need to rethink this and adjust accordingly.  There are so many different potential scenarios.  Thanks for your patience & understanding.  Safty is priority #1!!

Everyone FEEL FREE TO CALL, TEXT or EMAIL ME (714) 697-2391 email with any questions or concerns. 


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