Rhythm Mission.

Bottom line, OC Rhythm’s mission has nothing to do with youth basketball, yet OC Rhythm is all about youth basketball.  Our mission is to teach kids the value of hard work and perseverance.  Our mission is to empower each child with self-confidence.  Our mission is to teach each child to self-motivate.  Our mission is to teach responsibility.  Our mission is to teach accountability.  Our mission is to teach how to compete.  Our mission is to teach respect.  Our mission is to teach teamwork.  Our mission is to teach our kids that to whine, complain, or make excuses is unacceptable. Our mission is to teach kids that in order to make the team better, we must look within and improve ourselves.  Our mission is to teach life skills.  Our mission is to assist parents in teaching our Rhythm kids to do the right thing, which is not always the easy thing to do.  Basketball is just a tool and we use it well. We are always looking to improve.

Why OC Rhythm? 

Because we understand the big picture.  Because we care.  Because we know what is important.  Because we are successful.  Because we understand the great responsibility we have in coaching young people.  Because we love what we do.  Because we are a great deal.  Because we have a proven track record.  Because we know what it takes.  Because your child deserves the best.  Because we are the best.

If your child loves basketball or if your child is just starting out, there is no better place than OC Rhythm.  Our teams are full of kids that want to play basketball and work hard at getting better.  We strongly suggest you attend other tryouts, clinics then come to an Rhythm workout.  I think you will agree that not only are we the best deal in Orange County, but as far as workouts, drills, teaching fundamental skills, and preparing your child for the next level mentally & physically we are the best of the best.  At OC Rhythm, you won’t hear about a shoe company sponsorship; you can wear any shoes you want.  We don’t think it's important, or beneficial. Our program speaks for itself and we don’t need a shoe company's logo or a dog & pony show to help sell memberships.  We don’t have a business plan because our business is trying to positively impact our youth, your children.  Far more important than earning a dime. Our OC Rhythm program has grown by doing right by the kids, parents recognize this so our parents and players become our “street team”, no referral fees paid out, no incentive to bring in new players, parents just like what we do and so they spread the word.  We just deliver the fundamentals and try to teach life lessons so your child is ready to compete physically & mentally for a varsity position as a freshman in high school.  This is how we judge our success, not by a dollar amount, sponsorship deals or wins and losses at last weekend's tournament.  Varsity as a freshman is our goal; how do we accomplish this? Refer back to “Rhythm Mission” at the top of this page.


Carlos Ballestero

OC Rhythm Youth Basketball Academy


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