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Thank you all for participating in tryouts the past few weeks.  We are always impressed with the talent we see.  When forming our teams, we truly take into consideration what is best for each individual player.  We place every girl on a team that we feel will better her, even if that means not being on what one perseves as the top team.  We are not a “top team” type of  club.  We have done this for many years, with thousands of players, and we know that our methods work.  We have watched the majority of our players develop into competitive varsity players because of this very (awkward for a club team but great for individuls) system.  Each girl will be placed on a team that we feel will challenge them in many areas and make the most growth on. Because forming our teams is much more complex than just dividing the players by talent, it takes a lot of time and thought to complete this process.

OC Rhythm strives to provide your daughters with a positive basketball experience at academy, team practices, camps, clinics and tournaments. We take great care in selecting a coaching staff that embodies the OC Rhythm culture of improving the individual player over team success.  We take the same care in selecting your daughters placement. 

This is not something we just throw together.  All the coaches opinions are taken into consideration and countless hours are spent placing every girl where she needs to be to be challenged.  Perception is everything however not always right.  I for one have never been to concerned with perception.  If anyone thinks parents have a say in this process im here to tell you parents have no say in team or coaching selections.  Parents that have an opinion or a concern will always be listened to however parents have no say when it comes to the placement of their kid or any kid.  We do what we do and the final decision is up to each parent to stay and play or try to find a better fit somewhere else.  New kids are treated the same as the kid thats been here the longest.  We will try to get both new and old in the right spot to grow as a player & person.  Those of you who have been a part of our program can vouch for the quality people who make up OC Rhythm.   Nothings perfect, but we do try our very best for each individual player.

We understand the eagerness and excitement that comes with waiting for the new teams & coach’s to be announced!  We appreciate your understanding of this process and your patience in waiting to hear the news about new teams & coach’s!   We are very excited!!   We pride ourselves on not only having very talented individuals and experienced coaches but also players and coaches with extremely high character.   We will be focusing on character making sure all girls are kind and welcoming to all players old & new, good or not so good.   OCR players should be respectful to all coach’s, team mates, academy members.  This will not be a “mean girls” club!  If you can’t play nice you can still play you just can’t play at OC Rhythm!

We are extremely fortunate to have a top notch staff!  Some with college & HS varsity experience as well as some young college players that have recently graduated.  I think the staff members will do a great job!  Please give your assigned coach a fair chance.  Youth ball is not high school ball, and OC Rhythm is not your typical club.  It takes a very special person to coach at OCR.  By the way we have many parents that are very capable coach’s and know the game.  Its just our policy we don’t have parents coach.  Thanks so much for trusting us. We will remain steadfast in our individual over team approach, awkward as it seems for a club team, it works well for the majority. 


Carlos Ballestero

Chief Gym Sweeper, Youth & High School Program Director

If you have questions, complaints, issues or concerns reguarding rosters please DO NOT call your coach!   Any and all questions like Who...? What...? Why...? Where...? When...? Will...? How...? reguarding rosters should be directed to Carlos Ballestero (714) 697-2391

If you want to talk to your coach about the X’s & O’s of basketball thats fine. 

Otherwise the complaint dept is Carlos Ballestero (714) 697-2391

OC Rhythm Youth Team Tryouts
OC Rhythm Youth Team Tryouts