Dear OCR Parents:

OC Rhythm strives to provide your daughters with a positive basketball experience at academy, team practices, camps, clinics and tournaments. We take great care in selecting a coaching staff that embodies the OC Rhythm culture of improving the individual player over team success.  We take the same care in selecting your daughters team placement. 

Please remember parents, be great role models and encourage good sportsmanship at all times, especially at tournaments DURING POORLY REF’ED GAMES WIN OR LOSE.  While you may not agree with some of the referees’ calls, do not verbally abuse them. It won’t be worth embarrassing yourself if your daughter’s team receives a technical for your behavior.  Worst case scenario, you will be ejected from watching the rest of the game and may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.  This is not including any actions OCR may take including suspension and or expulsion from club.

I understand that the competitive nature of tournaments may bring out some frustration towards players on both teams, coaches, and referees, but you, us, we as parents must always remain positive and supportive of the given situation. Remember, you are a part of the OC Rhythm family, so your behavior at games, good and bad, represents our entire organization. You are also responsible for the behavior of the guests that you bring to watch OUR daughters play. Friends, family, and any other guest, should never display signs of bad sportsmanship.   Bad sportsmanship includes saying something negative when a player misses a shot, drops a pass, or turns the ball over.  You never know who is sitting near you that could hear negative comments and take offense to such comments, so it’s probably best to just not say it. If you still feel the urge to say something, be safe, keep it general and not directed at any one player. Remember keep your comments encouraging, like nice try and good hustle. Never boo or taunt opposing players and or their spectators. I guarantee you that watching the game without any negitive comments going on in the stands will be much more enjoyable for everyone.  I want OCR crowds to be recgonized for positive behaviour, reguardless of the situtation.  

Players & parents MUST RESPECT the officials.  Attacks and complaints directed at officials will only increase the possibility of less favorable calls.  The most powerful figure on the basketball court is the person with the whistle. Allow the coach to talk to the officials and the parents can watch and enjoy the game.  There is 30-40 minutes of basketball and the game will not be dependent on one call either way.   You have lived your youth.  Let the young athletes live theirs in a positive ennviourment.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

OC Rhythm parents can demonstrate good sportsmanship by positively supporting all players (including ones daughter), coaches, referees and spectators at every game and practice. This means cheering at the end of the game no matter the outcome, etc. Players can be good sports in many ways, but the good sportsmanship must start in the stands!  Over all the refs miss a lot of calls at the youth level, yelling at them, berating them will in no way help our teams, it will only hurt our team.  So zip it up a little when it comes to the refs.  There will be a parent/team meeting at your 1st practice.

Please fell free to call me with any questions or concerns (714) 697-2391


Carlos Ballestero

Chief Gym Sweeper / Director

OC Rhythm Youth Team Tryouts
OC Rhythm Youth Team Tryouts

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