Dear Rhythm Parents,

Over the past 18 years,  Rhythm has built a strong and positive reputation in the youth sports world for fair play and positive attitudes from players and parents.  Since many are new to our program I wanted to review this standard before our new teams go further playing in this seasons tournaments.

Rhythm will not tolerate parents that make rude or negative comments towards our officials or opposing players and parents.  There is no excuse for belittling officials or young defenseless athletes on or off the court.  As the club circuit gets more aggressive, so do some adults.  Rhythm wants to set a high standard for sportsmanship.  This game is for the young athletes and not for the parents.  You have lived your youth.  Let the young athletes live theirs.

I do want to make this clear with all Rhythm parents.  If you violate this policy, you will be dismissed from Rhythm immediately.

PLAYERS & PARENTS MUST RESPECT THE OFFICIALS.  Attacks and complaints directed at officials will only increase the possibility of less favorable calls.  The most powerful figure on the basketball court is the person with the whistle.  Allow the coach to talk to the officials and the parents can watch and enjoy the game.  There is 30-40 minutes of basketball and the game will not be dependent on one call either way.  Thank you in advance for you cooperation.

Carlos Ballestero

Rhythm Director / Phone (714) 697-2391 /

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